Verse of the Month

Psalm 127:1:

"Unless the Lord watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain."

MLK at the Washington Monument

The Jesus Dr. King Knew

Erect, fatherly and confident, Dr. Lawrence Carter of Morehouse College addressed some 400 students and faculty at Fuller Seminary’s annual commemoration of Martin Luther King Day on January 18. It came in the middle of an “MLK Summit” on how King’s themes and messages apply in today’s world.

Dr. Carter is a veteran academic as well as an ordained Baptist minster. As a tenth grader he was personally recruited to attend Morehead College by Dr. King himself. Carter left no doubt as to where the fiery civil rights leader would stand on the grass roots discontent presently gripping America and the world.

“The grievance package is familiar,” Dr. Carter intoned, “the well-connected rich getting richer and the resultant anger, inequality, poverty and unemployment.”



Christians Undercover is a series of interviews and reflections written by various authors.

Meadowlark Lemon

The unforgettable Meadowlark Lemon who left us late in 2015 was mega-famous in a world awash in celebrity.

The basketball ace was inspired by the antics of the Harlem Globetrotters from watching newsreels at his local theatre which he frequented as a boy.

A true "up from little" American can-do roots, Meadowlark capped a second career as a minister with a Doctor of Divinity degree in 1998.

He also served as Guest Chaplain for the U.S. armed foces for many years so...thank God for the career of this extraordinary athlete and hands-on Christian.

Brinks truck

Christians and Money

Some years back our denomination asked its pastors to consider designating January of each year as “Stewardship Month” – a time to make needs known, report back to the congregation on how their donations were being spent and take them more into the “business side” of the church.

Stewardship has been defined as the wise management of available resources. This annual program has worked out very well for us. Though we collect a weekly offering we don’t have to “bug” people about special donations as the year continues.

While some see money as a “taboo” subject others feel churches involved in the work of ministry and mission to the world need have no embarrassment about discussing the matter openly and honestly.



Yeas and Nays

Black History

Celestine Olive in action.

Announcing Glendora GCI's 20th Black History Celebration Saturday morning February 6 at 10:30. Guest speaker is Celestine Olive with Curtis May and Durrell Brown featured.