Verse of the Month
Hebrews 13:20-21:

"May God who puts all things together, makes all things whole...Who led Jesus, our Great Shepherd, up and alive from the dead, now put you together, provide you with everything you need to please him." – The Message

William Adrian
My Most Unforgettable Senior

Four years ago I met a 90-year old man who was still running his one man business enterprise which he had started in 1946 in Pasadena, California. A superb photographer, he had basically supplied wholesome, photogenic talent for the advertising, entertainment and Christian journalism industries on both coasts, from Life magazine to Seventeen.

If there is any one word that described Bill it was “entrepreneur.” He started his business at the recommendation of Cecil de Mille’s brother after working on a movie with John Wayne and ace director John Ford at the end of World War Two. A great judge of character and a fine photographer, one of his girls had a Life cover in 1970. Along the way, Bill would go on to help train countless Rose Parade Princesses, “Dallas” star Linda Gray and the pop musician Kim Carnes as well as interacting with such later megastars as Betty White, Regis Philbin and Marilyn Monroe as a young model.



Christians Undercover is a series of interviews and reflections written by various authors.

Rivera's Latest Save

New Rochelle, NY: Who knew that Mariano Rivera was such a devoted man of God? Helping find a better home for his wife Clara's house church to move into has brought to light this little reported side of the great Yankee relief picture.

"For years Rivera had been crediting God for his skills on the field, where he tallied a record 652 saves before retiring last season," said the LA Times (March 9).

"Now his foundation has poured about $3 million into restoring the 107 year-old [Presbyterian] church for Refugio de Esperanza, or Refuge of Hope, the Pentecostal congregation led by his wife, Clara."

Says the Yankee legend: "You don't do it to be want to please the Lord."

Plans call for a learning center that will provide after school programs for inner city children.

The book Killing Jesus by Bill O'Reilly
The Cross - Was God Mad at Jesus?

“Must we talk about the wrath of God?” asks theologian S.C. Guthrie. “Yes,” he answers. The subject is such a hot topic among Christian folk.

The success of Bill O’Reilly’s latest book with the rather insensitive title should point to that: Jesus and his death loom as large among the faithful almost as much as in the First Century some would argue.

However, S.C. Guthrie doesn’t leave it there, like a twitter posting. “But God’s wrath is not like that of the gods. It is the wrath of the God who was in Christ reconciling the world to God’s self.”



Yeas and Nays

"The Easter Files"

Former Glendora attendee Al Doshna shares this flash from the past when he worked in the drama group for his local church in Pasadena, CA.

He and Denise Curry do an artistic take on Mulder and Scully of the X-Files confronting the fact of Christ's resurrection.

First aired in the Ambassador Auditorium in the 1990s it shows how Gospel truth can still speak creatively to us today.

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